Monday, October 20, 2014

The Other Woman

My Husband and I with our two children moved in our family home just over 2yrs ago. 
We had just left a very toxic relationship with out old
landlord and were ready to buy. We found a sweet little craftsman house
built in 1902 on a very nice street in a great neighbourhood.
We were beyond excited to have our own home again. Something that we could treat like home base; we are not the most settle people.

The new King Bed that inspired it all!
The house was perfect, it needed a new roof and and exterior paint job right away but the inside was done nicely and could wait. Well we waited two years. Two years of living with peach painted interior, camel coloured trim and brass and gold fixtures.

You could tell the other woman of the house had a style that was her own and things were thoughtfully done so why fix what wasn't broken? But it was broken, we were living a lie, the house was not our house, it was still hers... Slowly piece by piece, room by room I am becoming the woman of the house and injecting my own style into it.

A note on my style- I spend way too much time in hotels and that totally comes through in my personal taste...

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