Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Simple motif goes through a transformation. Work in process

I Didn't post yesterday, one thing led to another, led to another and my day was done... 
I did sneak in some drawing here and there and came up with this simple little tulip motif.
I have been working on it in illustrator today, playing with live trace,
building it with shapes and with the pattern maker.


tuip motif by meganhcarroll
original Motif
Adapted from a mid century modern design motif.
by meganhcarroll
live trace
As you can see not very nice.
re-worked with the pen tool and shapes.
But What about a pattern?
Can you imagine? Originally I was thinking about using it a border for an illustration I am working on but as I play and yes by playing I also mean learning I can see how to take it beyond just a simple motif.

tulip motif pattern by meganhcarroll
Love the 70's garish colours!
I love repeating patterns that start with a simple motif, that gets expanded  and turned into an evolving complex idea.
I keep seeing whale tales, fish scales and  scalloped edges!
Can you see it evolving?

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