Surface Design

New Design Works.... Looks like it is all about florals!

Design Briefs For Summer School Made In Design

On Spoonflower

Beetle and Ladybug on Spoonflower

Ginko Leaf pattern. For Sale on Spoonflower.

Tossed Ginko Leaf "Fall Foliage"
Leaf pattern on Spoonflower.

Sand Ginko Leaf Pattern, "Fall Foliage"
A muted version of the Tossed Ginko Leaf Pattern.

Floating Feathers Fabric Blue
On Spoonflower.

Floating Feathers on Sand
 On Spoonflower.

Kids Novelty Paper Airplane Boy
Kids Novelty Paper Airplane for Boy fabric design...On Spoonflower

Kids Novelty Paper Airplane fabric for Girls
Kids Novelty Paper Airplane for Girl or unisex fabric design... Contact me to purchase on spoonflower, this fabric needs to be proofed first.

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