Thursday, May 5, 2016


Woah... what a  week? What wait it isn't over yet? It only feels like that because it was last weekend or rather last Thursday that things really started spinning out of control... Not in a bad way just a busy way... But amongst the the madness I just decided to stop and breathe, prioritize and figure out what was a self inflicted deadline and what needed to be done.

fish bread breakfast
Snipets of the Artwork!

For the past two years I a have been asked to illustrate poems written by local poets for an annual poetry competition... It has a hard deadline, so to the top it went and everything else got shifted down one. With that deadline met (just now), I can focus on  my second deadline (May 15th), making inventory for a local shop! !

ocean, mapping, mountains, collage
snipets of the Artwork

So though the week is not over yet and I have another important deadline looming I can take a moment to breathe and work on my 'relaxation' projects... Remember The 100 Day Project? Yup well that has gone slowly the last few days but time to pick it back up. 

Weaving a new series... can you guess what I am calling it?

How do you dealing with being overwhelmed? Do you just go with the flow or run around like a chook (aka chicken) with it's head cut off?