Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The 100 Day Project.

All of a sudden my instagram feed went crazy this morning with the hashtag #the100dayproject! So being a creative I looked into it... You first pick an action, something creative to do for 100 days- drawing, sewing, embroidery, photo etc... you get the idea.... You then start April 19th (today, or join when ever, just do it for 100 days.... Tag it #the100dayproject and finally pick a hashtag of your own to catalogue it for your own records...

the 100 day project scrappy threads weaving textiles

scrappy carp living scrappy threads textiles

I picked weaving... as it is something I have been doing everyday for the last week. I do it because it is meditative, I want a challenge and I like making stuff! My goal is to not just do the same thing all the time but to learn different techniques, and bring different textures into it... here I am bring in silver embroidery floss as an accent!!! And I love it...

I can not wait to share more with you on this project and am excited to see how it evolves. If you have an instagram account go search #the100dayproject to get all the details and inspiration! Oh and follow me @meganhcarroll_artist Cheers!

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