Thursday, January 21, 2016

Take your salad from boring to extraordinary!

Lightening up January... We should all eat salad but they can be kinda boring, one way to take them to extraordinary is with dressing. My husband and I have a go to dressing that he borrowed from a Buddhist retreat in San Francisco that turns out was borrowed from an artists retreat center on the British Columbian coast (my home territory) named for the institution Hollyhock dressing  that we renamed Crack Dressing that I now refer to as NOOCH* dressing because of its main ingredient nutritional yeast. We use it mostly on salads but it can be a good Buddha bowl dressing, or tossed on roasted veggies as a side.

If you make this dressing you won't go back.


*Nooch is a term I learnt from the Thug Kitchen's cook book, the recipe isn't in there but it should be. Some people hate the word.... But I love it!

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