Monday, April 7, 2014

Why A Scrappy Carp Design

There are many reasons for the Scrappy Carp name. 1. I have small children and as an avid user of colourful language I had to come up with some more suitable phrases... One of them was Oh Carp!!- yeah I know, not very inventive, but I thought I was hilarious and maybe it was the martini or the lateness of evening that I first said this- chances are my husband was away so I would have been delirious (infant twins will do that to you) it kinda stuck. Later going through a bit of a rough patch ( yes small children and travelling husband will do that to a gal) the quote Carpe Et Diem had value to me and my life, I knew if I did not do something I would fade away .... 3. I am an artist, seamstress, cook, designer.. I have scraps. Paper Scraps, Fabric Scraps, Food Scraps, Magazine and Knick Knack Scraps, why not use them as a source of inspiration? &  4. I really liked the idea of a Boxing Carp!

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