Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Starting to see a pattern...

I am moving right along in my current design class (ps Thank you everyone that helped me reach my goal)... This week we were asked to look at colour and what it means to you. I dug deep into my wardrobe- actually I didn't have to dig that deep as it was everywhere. Though I wear the typical mummy wardrobe during the day- usually jeans and a black top, I dress up to the nines when my husband and I go out and as the sun reappears that date night wardrobe starts to invade my day time wardrobe... Here are a few things I picked out:

grouping 1

vintage vera scarf

grouping 2

vintage Fredrick's of Hollywood 
(why yes, I did wear it to a movie premiere)

grouping 3

love this one! a vintage sheath dress
that I call strawberry fields

I don't normally shy away from colour... I wear it, I celebrate it and more and more I am loving it! How does colour show up in your world?

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