Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Creative Playgrounds Dr Sketchy Anti-Art School

Inspired by the founders of They Draw And Cook and They Draw And Travel, Salli and Nate's concept of Creative Playgrounds I decided to attend an in person event call Dr Sketchy Anti-Art School. It is an event that is held all around the US and as luck would have it we have a local Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School here in Bellingham WA.  Held once a month at an intimate informal cafe/bar with wicked red velvet damask walls and gold gilded mirrors, models pose using an array of props, and back drops. This months theme was Film Noir and the model donned a Casablanca white jacket and black bowtie for the first half of the  session then became more scantily clad as the night progressed. Poses start off short, a couple of minutes each, then five minutes then 10 minutes then 15 minutes. It is fun to watch the progress of illustrations as the night carries on and the poses get longer and the more sips of wine one has time for. The organizers of the event hand out prizes for their favorites ranging from the silly to the best interpretation of the theme. At the end the model picks his or her favorite and then everyone shares the work they have done. The great thing about this is it for professionals and amateurs and those with no previous drawing experience so you get a whole range of loose and fun drawings.

Here is selection of my favorite drawings from the night and if you wish to see more work check out the Facebook Page for the Bellingham Dr. Sketchy and if you are in the area come one come all, it is fun night! 

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