Monday, August 31, 2015

10 Things the Global Talent Search taught me (thus far)....

What I have learned from entering Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search thus far.

1. I want this: I want to be an illustrator.
2. Patience- it is not going to happen over night.
3. Plan-set realistic goals for yourself.
4. Do research- before I am even sketched a thing I researched.
5. Collect inspiration- it is everywhere use it!
6. Doodle, listen to music.
7. Refer back to 3, are you on target?
8. Setbacks are only setbacks if you let them be- use it as an opportunity to learn.
9. P.U.S.H. yourself: Persist Until Something Happens.
10. Be yourself.
My Final Submission.
I hated everything about it the day before because I was stumped.
I persisted, had a breakthrough and now I love it.
As of writing this I am practicing patience- As I am still waiting to find out if I made it to round 2 but even I don't I have made my best work yet which brings me back to P.U.S.H.

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