Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Follow on Instagram?!

I have been working on my Instagram Persona, switching it up a bit. I have been reading several how to get more followers (I am an artist and I want to show off my art!) on Instagram type posts on various blogs, many sharing their own experience and the general concenous is:

My current profile picture.. love the bleached white against the blue background!
  1. Keep business with business (but show that you are real person) Family may be interested in what I am doing but they do not want to be inundated with process, product and inspiration shots. So I am going to try the two account thing. If you follow me on my personal account I invite you to head on over to my Scrappy Carp account. I will be making my MeganHCarroll account private. 
  2. Follow Inspirational people, whose style you gets you motivated! Some of my favorites people who I look to each day for inspiration are @goinghometoroost-Surface and Pattern Designer, @mathewland- local Pacific North West Photographer, whose images are stunning, @lisacongdon- visual artist and illustrator and friend @ColettePenketh- makes beautiful frilly things for brides!
  3. Comment and share the Love! (see above list)
  4. People want to see process and have a little sense that they know who you are- PS I love food and wine so you are probably going to see a little bit of both- but don't worry I won't share every meal!
  5. Beautiful Images, people who use Instagram are visual people. Give them what they want. 
I hope to see how this advice helps as I start my new account! And please share tips of your own! 

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