Friday, December 26, 2014

Gift Exchange

Well the Holidays are here and like every year I leave everything to the last minute... If I am honest it is because I am am kinda Bah Hum Bug... I don't like big fancy holidays. I like to stick close to home and do things that I/We love as a family. I am not huge about running all over town, driving here and there and then there is the commercial pressure to buy buy buy.... But the one thing I do enjoy is the gift exchange.

Hubs and I get one name each, but more realistically I get two names.  Jeff is usually paralyzed with fear about getting me a gift (remember how I said I am kinda bah hum bug- doesn't mean I don't like pressies) so it is up to me to do the gift exchange. I usually make something, it's my style, so people either love that they get me or hate it... depends on how crafty they are.

The kids are usually left out of the exchange, everyone wants to buy as many cute things as possible for them so it is generally agreed that my kids and the cousins are off limits.  But mine are getting older so I wanted to include them in a small way. So somewhere in the 12th hour I decided that we needed to print our own fabric using stamps that the kids designed. She did a cat, and he did a evergreen tree... then I decided that we needed pompoms, because I've never sewn with them before.  The end result infinity scarves with a festive twist (don't the pompoms look like snowballs?).

Walking Tree Infinity Scarf
Cat Infinity Scarf

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