Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 5 favourite things for Summer

Like most good Pacific North Westerners as soon as the sun is out, I grab my flip flops and go the....
No 1. The Beach

I will attempt at least once a year...
No 2. Camping, but lets be honest I much prefer a cabin near the beach with a great fire pit.

Every chance I get it is...
No.3 Oysters and think Pink Wine (Try the Kumamotos from Taylor Shellfish Farms).

No 4. Cherries, we are starting to get Eastern Washington Cherries and we are loving them! Do you see the peep looking one? It was delicious.

one of my first illustrations in illustrator 
And finally...
No 5. Patio Dining under a deep Blue Sky, what's not to love about eating outside- especially when someone brings you a glass of rose and oysters.

looking onto the Herald building from the patio at
Rock & Rye Oyster House
What are your top summer activities?

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